Avanti Api provides passenger transport services, including road transport and air transport. This way our clients receive unique, complex and reliable transport services. We tailor them to requirements of individual clients who mostly travel longer distances in Czech Republic, countries in Central Europe and other countries within / outside of the European Union.

Our multi-seat vehicles and private jets are to high professional standards, offering flexible, comfortable and economic way of travelling. Our road and air travel combining solutions are popular and allow you to get to your target location in the quickest possible way.

Our Air Transport services are provided using a variety of private, 4 to 6 seater aircrafts. One of them is a propeller plane Cirrus SR-22 with a flying range of about 800 km. We also have a jet turbine plane Piper Meridian equipped with pressurised cabin and real flying range of about 1,300 km. We fly most frequently within Czech Republic where our home airports are located. From Czech Republic, the geographical centre of Europe, we can also fly you internationally across the whole of Europe.

Our Road Transport services are provided using modern 8 seater vans Mercedes-Benz complying with high standards of comfort. Thanks to their advanced technology you can also subscribe to low cost, low budget and nature friendly travelling. Czech Republic is usually our start, transit or target destination. Amongst our most frequent routes are destinations such as Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Croatia.

Our clients value the individual passenger transport which answers their unique specifications without the need to adjust to other passengers. Name your target destinations and stops in cities not/on the direct route and we provide you with a spacious van with a chauffeur regardless if you use the whole seat capacity – it is the same price for 1 or 8 passengers.

The calculation of individual road or air travels involves complex time schedule tied to the target destination so that your arrival fulfils your expectations and time frame. Booking with us is simple – fill basic information about your travel plans in our online booking system or contact our sales department.

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