Key advantages of flying with Avanti Api

  • Air transport and car transport services all together
  • Most suitable flights to your specifications for competitive prices
  • Aircraft and crew is at your full disposal

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, Aircrafts Avanti Api s.r.o. adjust to your personal and professional standards. Thanks to our wide range of aircrafts and flexibility we can schedule individual or charter flights, international or intrastate flights, and short or long flights to your target and time.

With us you can fly virtually anywhere – to large international and smaller intrastate airports, as both our jet turbine and smaller conventional planes can get you to any civil airport in the EU. Thanks to our compact planes you can land in places where big commercial planes cannot, and you can enter many European destinations where big commercial airlines do not fly to.

Our private business jets are ideal for company hire but we are also sought by individual professionals who require a simple and fast getting to a distant location, and by businessmen who need to promptly react to emerged situations anywhere in Europe.

In Avanti Api we recognise the value of your time. With us there is no waiting in ques and walking through long terminals – you directly board a comfortable plane exclusive to yourself. Promptness is our standard, and the choice of a plane most suitable for you responds to the specifications of your request.

We synchronise our flight schedules to your calendar, and whether you use all passenger seats in the plane is your decision which you can leave to the last minute, as we only charge you for plane hire and flight hours. No more multiple bookings and paying for overcharged individual plane seats your company may not even use.

Put your signature on the most suitable flights for competitive prices. Through our online booking system you can find preliminary prices to the most recently scheduled flights or request a pricing of a flight with your own special requirements. The agreed total naturally includes the top quality professional service available in private air transport.

By flying with us you receive access to complex services, such as personal assistance and rich catering which is an inherent part of Avanti Api flights. We also gladly provide you any additional services you may need – whether it is a chauffeur driven limousine, van or a private car rental wherever you are. For us it is a matter of offering you the fastest transfers using our vehicles parked in the target airport.

Besides passenger flights we also offer express cargo services between countries of European Union. We are ready to arrange for the consignment of your package in the shortest time possible.

Booking procedure with Avanti Api is simple –

  1. Provide us information about your country/city of departure and arrival, times and preferred plane capacity
  2. Receive our offer together with a total considering your budget and specifications
  3. Save the invoice and documents confirming your flight. Note organisational information, such as flight number, contact on the pilot, time and place of the car pick-up of individual passengers, etc.