Passenger transport Avanti Api focuses on satisfying various clients’ travel needs through using spacious, multi-seat vehicles. Our target clients are passengers who want to travel comfortably and safely for reasonable prices. Primarily we specialise on longer interstate routes in Czech Republic and Slovakia and international travels to Austria, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

We provide quality travel solutions on your professional or personal demand, such as hotel pick-ups, airport transfers, business trips, children‘s school pick-ups, holiday round trips, and transit to/from company team buildings, company events, trainings, workshops, festivals, concerts, family trips, and many more.

One popular service is driving fresher students to their university cities, as they reserve a seat and/or invite other students to hop in from locations not directly connecting the cities. It is not necessary to reserve all seats in the vehicle – we drive anyone anytime anywhere.

Travelling with us is simple –

1. Reserve your seat as an individual or reserve the whole vehicle for a groups,
2. Select your destination,
3. Enjoy your comfortable journey.

There is a standardised luggage area is in every vehicle with an option to extend it with roof boxes for extra-large items. For even larger items, such as surfing boards, kayaks or tandem bikes, we can arrange another vehicle to carry just that. Comfort and safety is present in every car in the form of comfortable seats, air conditioning and airbags.

You can order our services through phone or our online booking system.