Do you need a fast and comfortable transfer for yourself, your business partners, colleagues, family, or friends? Try our smart and efficient 8 seat Mercedes-Benz vans fully equipped to enhance your travels. Daily press, internet, and soft drinks are fully at your disposal. Comfortable and spacious seats, sound absorbing car interior, adjustable air conditioning, and tinted windows are typical features of our new generation vehicles.

Avanti Api picks you up from the airport, train station or any other place in Europe. Our highly flexible and comprehensive service gets you there whether it is a direct route from A to B, or a route with rather scattered stops, multiple pick-ups and/or drop-offs.

The professionalism of our drivers comes with their excellent time management, evidenced by their natural habit to account for possible obstacles, such as local traffic restrictions, temporarily blocked roads, rush hours etc. Preventative calculations with alternative routes under any circumstance is a matter of course. Helping with luggage, getting you oriented at your stop, or advising about airport security checks is always our pleasure.

We cover airport transfers in all cities of Central Europe and you can book your transfer from/to any international, civil or military airport in the European Union. This makes it possible to serve you also with transfers connected to your indirect flight (flight with changes). Our most frequently booked transfers are from/to international airports, such as:

  • Prague (Czech Republic) – Vaclav Havel International Airport (formerly known as Ruzyne Airport)
  • Vienna-Schwechat (Austria) – Vienna International Airport
  • Katovice-Pyrzowice (Polland) – Katovice International Airport
  • Krakow-Balice (Polland) – John Paul II International Airport
  • Budapest (Hungary) – Ferenc Liszt International Airport (formerly known as Ferihegy Airport)
  • Friedrichshafen (Germany) – Friedrichshafen (also known as Bodensee International Airport)
  • Bratislava-Ivanka (Slovakia) – M. R. Stefanik International Airport
  • Kosice (Slovakia) – Kosice International Airport

Having you picked up by our experienced, English, German and Czech speaking drivers comes with keeping track of real-time flight delays and waiting for your arrival at any hour and day in the year. High service quality and reliability is our brand standard, and that is why we do not charge you with any additional fees including waiting time or congestion charges.